Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ferrets sold at Petco

I want them to quit selling ferrets!

PETCO and PetSmart to Keep Contract With Rainbow World Exotics Despite Evidence of Gross Neglect, Suffering of Birds, Rabbits

NORFOLK, Va. -- Following lengthy negotiations with PETA, PETCO--the nation's second-largest pet store chain--will reduce the number of animals for sale in its stores nationwide by 30 percent. The company also will revamp its live-animal vendor certification standards to improve conditions at all of its pet suppliers, starting with Rainbow World Exotics (RWE) in Hamilton, Texas, where a PETA investigation uncovered abuse and neglect of birds and other animals

"PETCO to Slash Number of Animals for Sale by 30 Percent After PETA Expose of Shocking Conditions at Animal-Breeding Mill" The Free Library 22 February 2008. 20 March 2008 Link

Undercover Investigation Uncovers Horrors at PetSmart and PETCO Supplier's Breeding Mill

Video footage obtained in a new PETA undercover investigation reveals horrific nightmare conditions for small animals and birds bred and brokered by a major supplier to PetSmart.

Take Action on This Issue: Complete the form to urge PetSmart to cut ties with Rainbow World Exotics and to stop selling all live animals.

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