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Ferrets are wonderful pets, but they are also prone to various medical disorders. If you are considering a ferret as a pet, the cost associated with ownership is just not the initial purchase price, you need to look all costs - pet food, supplies, and veterinarian care, which can be quite expensive. Marshall Farms Ferrets, due to genetics and the effects of early altering/stress of shipping of pet store babies, has a high prevalence of medical problems. A responsible owner will make sure their pet is in the best of health by providing the right foods, veterinarian checkups, secure & safe accommodations, and lots of play time, to prevent illness. A good quality diet is one of the most important for prevention of illness and disease. Not all ferret foods provide the right nutritional requirements needed and can cause problems.

It might be wise to set up a little fund "just in case", setting aside a few dollars each month to make it easier on the budget, for a goal of about $800 - $1000. So many times, I've read on various forums asking advice on sick ferrets, the owner explaining they do not have necessary funds for a veterinary visit, but sadly the only thing that can be done is the ferret does need emergency vet care. Ferrets are so small, and go downhill very rapidly without immediate care, and can die within a few days. There's no need for any animal to be in pain and suffer because you don't have the money.

But there may be some alternatives, in case finances are not available. Explain to your veterinarian that your having financial difficulties, see if a payment arrangement can be worked out. I had to do this when my cat was ill, I had explained to my veterinarian about my limited finances, and she gave me a discount. Ask friends and family for contributions.

You might qualify for financial aid for pets. Medical treatment for pets can come up when you least expect it, they shouldn't be denied the medical treatments that may be necessary to save their lives. There is help that may be available. Here are some websites that offer financial aid and/or credit cards for vet bills. There are strict requirements for some of them, please visit these sites for future reference. Nonprofit organization for sick, injured and abused companion animals. Provides financial assistance to low-income pet owners who can’t afford medical care for their pets provides financial aid to complete treatment to pets and pet owners in need. Offers a revolving line of credit Provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care provides funding to Good Samaritans, animal rescuers, and pet owners to help them care for animals in life-threatening situations. List of resources for some breed specific pets, or for specific locations If you are facing unforeseen expenses and meet certain low income requirements, there may be a financial assistance program available to help you with the cost associated with your pet’s treatment. With this fund, veterinary care is possible for sick or injured pets even when they have been abandoned or their owners are experiencing financial hardship. The AAHA Foundation trustees envision a future when more pets are saved and more pet owners are grateful. Foundation staff is working every day to make this vision a reality.

Or Google "pet financial aid"

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