Saturday, June 14, 2008

Disaster Preparedness for your Ferret

Last year, we had a close call on a tornado, it was reported about 2 blocks over from my house, I immediately had my pet carrier out, food and water for the ferrets. Luckily we weren't hit, but it was scary. Our living room has 2 skylights, and 7 huge windows. One day this year, the city sirens were going off, and it was clear outside. I asked the neighbors what was happening, they said a storm was approaching. Here in Texas , a storm can come in quickly without warning. Several years ago, I was caught on the highway, my car about 6 months old, in a storm. Softball size (huge) hail came, and pounded my car, and that was really scary. It kept hitting on the windshield (and everywhere else), but it didn't break though. All I could do was stop right on the highway, there was nowhere to go, not even a bridge close by, it was useless to keep driving. I had over almost $6,000.00 dollars damage.

Here's some useful information I found about preparing for disasters.

Disaster Preparedness for your Ferret

An Evacuation Kit for Your Ferret

Making A First Aid Kit For Your Ferret

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