Monday, January 14, 2008


My First Ferret

My first ferret, Abby (female, Albino), had a previous owner and was about 6 months old. They person I bought her from said she did'nt have time for her and she had a small child. When I got Abby, she came with a cage, some food (she had been feeding her Marshall's ferret food) and a couple of toys. Abby is a Marshall's ferret. She is so small, weighs about a one pound. I put Abby into the cage that first night, and after that I did'nt see any reason for the cage, and she has never been caged since. I don't think they belong in cages. I have read they are not caged animals, "you cage them for their protection". If you do cage them, they need at least 4 hours minimun out . Spend lots of time with your ferret, playing with them. If you don't have the time, then you don't need a ferret. Read here - so you wanna get a ferret

I did alot of research on the Internet, reading about ferrets. I made sure I ferret-proofed, but she was one not to get into alot of things anyway. I feel she had been caged most of the time with her previous owner, because she hardly knew how to jump or get up on things. But once I started playing with her she learned. Some of her favorite play activities are: Playing with a towel - I lay the towel on the floor and she jumps on it and I slide the towel on the floor. Another one is a plastic grocery sack, She loves it when I shake the bag, she'll hop into it, I'll throw in a toy (little furry mice) . Another good play toy is a box. Also got a big container with clean dirt for her to dig in, low enough she could get in by herself. They love to dig.

Abby is now about 6 1/2 year old. Ferrets live about 7 or 8 years, and someday she will cross the rainbow bridge. She sleeps alot now that she's old. She's also adrenal, and I've been treating her with herbs from Azmira. I know that the herbal fomulation have helped, she had adrenal for many years. The season changed, she lost alot of hair, I thought she was going bald, but it's growing back. I've also made a place in my closet to keep her in the dark as much as possible.

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